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« on: August 06, 2015, 04:49:01 PM »
Hi Guy's

My name is Scopulus i am 46 years old from Durham in England.
Just returned to EQ2 on the Tle server after a break of a year or so done all the hardcore raiding etc and now have neither the time or inclination to do so again, not that i couldnt be persuaded for a bit of casual raiding specially lower level stuff from when the raids actually utilized a toons individual abilities and the players skill.
Looking forward to getting to know you all better and getting a few groups going so we can die horribly in some instance or another :occasion14:   
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Re: Scopulus
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Great post, I'm also no longer in the raiding seen... however I may not rule out some casual stuff (just won't set a schedule, will be a spur of the moment thing).

Good to have you with us :)
Dauvien (Onodi)
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Re: Scopulus
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Hello and Welcome to Dragon Maw! "_