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Gryzz has arrived!


Hail and greetings to all,

Gryzz (Shadow Knight) on EQ2 (Stormlord - TLE server) is where I reside along with my crafting army (work in process).  I recently returned to EQ2 for the sole purpose of spending time on the Time Elapsed Servers (TLE) to relive the experience.  I am a "seasoned veteran" of MMO's and "cut my teeth" on EQ1 when it first launched.  So yes, I am "well over" 18 years of age  ;D.  

Looking forward to meeting and grouping up with you all.  My main focus at this point is to raise my crafting army so I will be on many of alts as I work toward raising my little army of crafters.

See you all soon, Gryzz

Dauvien (Onodi):
Great having you and your army with us :)

Welcome to dragon Maw Gryzz! :)


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