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I'm not dead... yet.


Hello everybody,

This message is primarily for Dez and Pery but also applies to everybody here on this site.

I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't died or intentionally been avoiding you all. For this school semester, I decided to really kick things into gear. Currently, I'm taking around 18 college credits with a grand total of 6 classes. I also managed to pick up a full-time job. Unfortunately, all of this means that I don't have spare time to be using my computer for anything aside from school and work.

I want to say that I miss playing with you guys and look forward to acing this semester so I can get back at it this upcoming summer.

Jackson/Jax (Evilclone)/Claux


Glad to hear all is well, education is important for sure. Spring break will be soon, maybe we will see more of ya then. :)


Hello again. I hope all is well. I'm going to put some cash into my house so it will not be condemned. Dez, do you think you could drop a few credits on it for the merchant discount?

Thanks again!



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