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Some DMaw History
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:39:56 AM »
I found some rather old documents that were written a very long time ago in DMaw's younger years. In an effort to try and bring some of our history back to life I have decided to post them here. Please note they are old, and no longer apply, it's just fun to see them. :)


The History of Dragon Maw

The Dragon Maw Timeline

by Argos 2001

•   1995 - Dragon Maw Founded by Gul'dan in Multi-Player Battletech on AOL.
•   Jan 1996 - W0W0 becomes GL and Commanding Officer of DM on MPBT AOL.
•   Apr 1996 – Cyber (Willim) becomes GL and Commanding Officer of DM on MPBT AOL.
•   Jun 1997 - Founder's group formed in anticipation of MPBT going Pay for Play. TC, Beener, Mb, and Crypt search and find MPBT through Lineone to the Gamestorm server at no cost.
•   July 1997 - TC, Beener, Mb, and Crypt start the House Kurita on the previous Houseless Gamestorm server.
•   Aug 1997 - Letter writing campaign started by DM and other HK members to Kesmai to officially allow House structure on Gamestorm and bring subscriber cost for Gamestorm from 34.95 a month to 10.00 a month, although we could play free through Lineone. Lineone was a bad conection. LineOne was an English ISP like AOL. The lag was terrible having to travel from the US to England and back to the US.
•   Sept 1997 - Houses become official on MPBT Gamestorm and price for playing direct to Gamestorm decreases to 10.00 a month.
•   Oct 1997 - Huge migration of players from MPBT AOL to Gamestorm. DragonMaw becomes a tremendous force on MPBT Gamestorm.
•   Early 1998 - Dragon Maw established in Legends of Kesmai by Mbwuan and TC.
•   Apr 1998 - TC steps down from GL position and Warlord GMD House Kurita and replaced by Metster.
•   Mid 1998 - LoK Dragon Maw institute their first High Council. Original Members are : Argos, Ganja, Mbwuan (GL), Mmalkuth, Sinbad.
•   Aug 1998 DM leaves House Kurita and reforms the United Solaris Stables which DM had started as a mercenary group on MPBT AOL. Metster is dismissed from DM MPBT and TC returns as GL.
•   Late 1998 - Dragon Maw Squadron established in Air Warrior III by Argos and Rhonda from the LoK Dragon Maw.
•   Early 1999 - DM AW III Squadron disbanded due to lack of participation.
•   Early Spring 1999 - Argos resigns from DM LoK HC, replaced by Drang.
•   Late Spring 1999 - Everquest opens, DM becomes the third sanctioned guild on the Mithaniel Marr server; Ganja resigns from DM LoK HC to migrate to EQ, replaced by Bojo.
•   Summer 1999 - DM establishes a faction on the EQ PvP server, Tallon Zek, with TC as GL; Mbwuan resigns as DM LoK GL, replaced by Demonique on the HC but the HC decides not to elect a new GL.
•   Sep 1999 - Liner (Galdar) elected GL of DM EQ M Marr to replace retiring TC. Stink replaces TC as GL DM EQ Tallon Zek.
•   March 2000 - Ganja elected GL of DM EQ M Marr, replacing Liner (Galdar)
•   May 2000 - Cyber (Laurs) becomes GL of DM EQ Tallon Zek; EA buys out Gamestorm/Kesmai Studios and closes Legends of Kesmai, hoping to draw players from there to their own Ultima Online in an attempt to revive the game's long-dead community with an imported one. The attempt is largely unsuccessful. Behind the initial leadership of Scarecrow and Sinbad, several DM LoK members migrate to The 4th Coming on the Abyssnet server.
•   September 2000 - Argos assumes the position of Acting GL of DM T4C. No HC is elected at this time as the faction membership is only seven. El Hombre elected GL of DM EQ M Marr.
•   Nov 2001 - Leopardfist elected GL of DM DAoC after Gul'dan (Tomas) retires.
•   May 2001 - 4 new members are added to the Founders group : Argos, Demonique, Mmalkuth and Sinbad; Mmalkuth and Sinbad are elected to DM T4C HC.
•   July 2001 - DM T4C disbanded as the Abyssnet server announces it will go pay, also due to an intolerable situation with GMs running the server like a police state and general boredom with the game. DM begins establishing itself in the pre-beta of MPBT 3025 with TC as Acting GL.
•   October 2001 - DM expands to Dark Ages of Camelot. Founders approve expansion.
•   December 2001 - EA strikes again, closing both MPBT and the still-running AW III. These actions of course result in the disbanding of the DM MPBT faction.
•   Jan 2002 – TC and Shadowfox become the co-GL of DM DAoC.

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Re: Some DMaw History
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 04:42:19 AM »

The History of Dragon Maw

Things Every Member Should Know About Maw

p.s. it's not all here but this should get you wondering…

by Ceeneedra

How it all started...
DragonMaw did not start with EQ, and many of our traditions and lore are are based in our history. I will attempt to recreate this history without making a total book of it. It is very important that our members do take the time to read this so that they understand where we came from, and what we are.
Dragon Maw started in 1995 in a game called Battletech (BT) on America Online, then when AOL started to charge by the hour to play games there, DM moved to Gamestorm's Battletech, from there they started a guild on Gamestorm's Air Warrior (AW) and also Gamestorm's Legends of Kesmai (LoK) because you could play all the games there at one low flat rate fee. And most DM members played not just one of these games, but two or more.
It is for that reason, and what newer Dragon Maw members need to understand, is that it has been long understood and established by our guild's founders is that if you are a Dragon Maw member in one game, and choose to play another game with an eshtablished Dragon Maw guild, you are still a member there if you so choose and do not have to apply to join your own guild just because it is a different game. If a someone left DM or was removed from DM under bad circumstances, then, and only then, will they be subject to further qualifications/requirements.
When EverQuest went to beta, several DM members from the LoK group played beta, then when EQ went live in March of 1999, Dragon Maw opened a branch of the guild on the Mithaniel Marr server and was the *third* guild sanctioned when guilds were made official. In May of 2000, Gamestorm discontinued many games they had offered, including one of the DM favorites, LoK. The DM guild from LoK then moved on to another game called The 4th Coming (T4C), where Demonique, a dear friend of mine is still the Guild Leader of that branch.*
Our present guild charter reflects only a small part of our history and lore, for to tell it all, it would be at least 30 pages, if not more. It is for that reason it may appear to be vague to some of you. For to explain our guild's complete history in each game, would also entail an explanation of each of those games themselves, and I can tell you, that would be a book. So here, I will only address our beginnings, which is the foundation which created all the "traditions" we speak of, in what you see today.

To get a real feel for what Dragon Maw was founded on, you must understand where the guild started. Because it is there, where our roots and traditions were formed and have endured over time. The game was Battletech. Battletech is a futuristic military roleplaying game (similar to MechWarrior) that had such history, that if you didn't roleplay it, you would not have lasted a week. You would have left in total boredom.
Battletech's history was of five major houses battling for control of the Inner Sphere. Dragon Maw was a part of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, or better known as the controlling family's name, the noble "House of Kurita". The house itself was divided into 5 districts, and each was structured in military fashion. The symbol of our house, and what our house was known as, was of course, the Dragon.
Our old handles bring back many fond memories. Gorn, was larger than life to me back then. He was known as Tai-Sho TC Kurita, Warlord (District Commander) of the Galedon Military District, house of Kurita, wherein Dragon Maw resided under his command. And, I was Sho-Sho Kaji Ryu, ( District Executive Officer) of the Benjamin Military District, house of Kurita. Many of the Dragon Maw members you see before you today, have roots as old as these.
It was there in House Kurita in the game of Battletech, from the time we were raw recruits and as we worked our way up the ranks through our hard work and sacrifices, we learned of "honor" in one of the most ancient and purest forms--the Samauri warrior's code of bushido. Devotion to the code of bushido developed remarkable self-discipline and clarity in each of us. Respect, fealty, integrity, honor, wisdom are the very core, the soul if you will, of the meaning of the code of Bushido. This became much more than just a game. We embraced within our real lives the time honored code of bushido and, also the virtues of the dragon we served.
One of the many pieces of history every recruit was expected to learn on their first day, was the five virtues of the Dragon: Bravery, Tenacity, Audacity, Integrity and Wisdom. In common usage, this refered to the virtues that everyone in House Kurita strived to attain. The code of bushido and the virtues combined were the values we held dear to our hearts and are the standards that have not ever once changed for those of us in Dragon Maw whose roots started in....Battletech.
We learned our extreme loyalty to the Dragon in Battletech. We carried this loyalty and the values and lessons learned with us to every game we have formed our guild in ever since our humble beginnings. Our values are a way of life. They are not just words spoken in passing, but come from deep within us. It is these traditions which were forged by our founders in their blood oaths given to one another at the founding of "Dragon Maw" that you see before you today and, no matter where our future will take us.
Because loyalty is part of our code of bushido influence, another long standing tradition is a DM member may not belong to another guild/stable/clan in a game in which there is a DragonMaw presense. Meaning no dual guilds, you must make a choice. In EQ, this means all characters are either DM, or none are DM. You cannot have one character in our guild and another character you play, in another. Our founders demand loyalty, and this loyalty is an honor bound tradition that all Dragon Maw members embrace without exception.
Keep in mind that our traditions do not end in one game to be started over in another. Keeping to our basic traditions is the way the guild founders eshtablished the Dragon Maw Guild, and it will stay that way. And who can argue? After all, Dragon Maw is approaching 6 years in existance, a longivity of that measure is extremely rare for any guild. Obviously...we are doing something right.
Some of the members who can help anyone who wishes to learn more about our history or answer questions are, Gorn, Ganji, WOWO, Trevor, BeeNer, Cyber, Mbwan, Gumgurdar, Lacmaw, Excel, Galdar. Feel free to contact them.

And another....

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Re: Some DMaw History
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2009, 04:46:26 AM »
The History of Dragon Maw.

by TC Killer

Dragon Maw guild was started in 1995 by Gul'dan in Multiplayerbattletech (MPBT) on AOL. This game was a futuristic battlemech game with a military style structure. Dragon Maw grew to over 160 members in this game and another 150 battlemech warriors in the Dragon Maw formed alliance of the United Solaris Stables. During this period of Dragon Maw we were lead by a supreme commander. As we moved to a more democratic structure a High Council of members was formed to jointly lead Dragon Maw.
In mid 1997 when AOL initiated a pay for play scheme for our home in MPBT, Gul'dan formed a highly dedicated group of Dragon Maw known as the Founders to search out for a new home and insure the continuance of Dragon Maw in the realm of Internet gaming. This task was accomplished with a migration to MPBT on the Gamestorm server. Dragon Maw had found another home and continued to prosper and grow.
In early 1998 Dragon Maw again had the desire to try another Internet game. The Founders searched and tested many games which were felt suitable for another large migration. Legends of Kesmai (LoK) on the Gamestorm server was deemed appropriate. LoK was a game of magic, evil creatures, and dragons. Many Dragon Maw members had tired of the militaristic MPBT and wanted to try something different. Some still enjoyed the military type games and moved to Air Warrior III (AWIII) while others split their time in MPBT, LOK, and AWIII. Thus began the tradition, "Once a Dragon Maw, always a Dragon Maw." This meant that once one had earned full member status in Dragon Maw one could be a Dragon Maw in any game in which there was a Dragon Maw presence. This tradition continues today. Another tradition that was initiated about this time was, "…if it's a family member or a long standing real life friend…they are in." In other words, it means exactly what it implies.
In late 1998 a new game called EverQuest (EQ) was receiving quite a preview as the next big winner to come. The Founders were able to get one of our own into the beta for this game. The report was this game would be most suitable for another big Dragon Maw (DM) migration. At the commercial start up of EQ, DM was there. DM was the third guild to be officially sanctioned on the Mithaniel Marr (MM) server. By early summer, many in Dragon Maw felt a desire to try the player versus player (PvP) version of EQ; a DM faction was started on the Tallon Zek server.
During the summer of 1999 sadness was felt throughout the Dragon Maw realm. Many in DM were not able to make the migration to EverQuest due to restraints related to computer upgrades required to play EQ and they remained a very cohesive group in LoK. The summer of 1999 was a terrific blow to the DM there. Gamestorm was bought out by Electronic Arts (EA). One of the first things EA did was shut down a most loved game LoK and also began their destruction of the Gamestorm server. Through dedication and diligence members of DM LoK looked and found a new place to call home which was The 4th Coming (T4C). They are prospering in their new home.
At the time of this writing Dragon Maw has three operating factions. The Mithaniel Marr and Tallon Zek factions are in EverQuest. The 4th Coming is the third faction.
Currently we have a domain website at in which faction web sites, rosters, message boards, and other informative tools can be reached. We are also always looking for a new game in which we may be able to spread a Dragon Maw faction into. There are many nice looking prospects currently under beta where we have a few DM as beta test.

If I find any other documents I'll add them to this thread :)