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Dragon Maw Charter
Revised January, 2012

Our Charter:

Be it that the bravest and wisest of all adventurers desire to band together for protection and companionship. We do join together and vow all loyalty to one another. All others as the Dragon Maw Guild shall know us. Every Dragon Maw shall strive to serve the guild with courage, honor and loyalty. Every Dragon Maw will take vows of loyalty, to the guild and to the individual members that make up this guild. All Dragon Maw shall support each other, even unto death, against all odds and all opposition.

Believing that each member of the Dragon Maw Guild is as important as the whole, all Dragon Maw will be free to hunt, to prosper and to serve the guild as they see fit. Every Dragon Maw will have a voice in matters of opinion. No Dragon Maw shall be compelled to serve but loyalty will be the bond that compels and inspires greater courage and honor.

To ensure justice and equality the guild shall be governed by a High Council. This council shall be of the highest caliber. The High Council will have great valor, exceeding honor and have loyalty to the Maw such as to put the guild before them. The Council shall establish a code of conduct and all of the guild will be bound to this code. Laws will be issued by the High Council to lead the guild to greater Strength and Glory.

The Dragon Maw Guild of warriors is then, a group of highly individual adventurers who have come together for a common cause. Thus we value the individuality of our members and it is not our purpose to impose upon the individuality of a member, but this is not to stop the High Council from imposing laws that may infringe on one's individuality. However, exceptions can be made with the approval of a faction's High Council. Our goal is to obtain knowledge, power, and glory, while maintaining the highest standard of honor, so that each Dragon Maw may grow strong and bring glory and honor to the guild and themselves. We, the Dragon Maw pledge all loyalty to the guild and to all the individuals that comprise the Dragon Maw guild, and we shall serve with the highest Honor, Integrity, and Respect for not only our members, but to all we meet.


Votes of the Dragon Maw Founders have ratified the following amendments. These amendments are to help clarify, explain, and resolve certain parts of our Charter. Future amendments may be added as deemed necessary by the Founders. Individual factions may add faction amendments to the charter; however, those amendments will apply only to that faction. Amendments of a general nature and applied to all members of Dragon Maw will be added for all factions by the Founders by a vote of 75% or higher of the active Founders.

Amendment Number 1: To maintain a constant, direct lineage to our original roots as Dragon Maw and adherence to our traditions and lore as started by Gul’dan, the title of Founders shall be bestowed upon those with powers to initiate a Dragon Maw clan/stable/guild in an Internet game. The position of Founder will be held in highest esteem. Honor will be given to those that have demonstrated the highest commitment to Dragon Maw and its traditions and lore. The position will be offered only to those that have been voted to that honor by existing Founders by a 75% or higher margin.

Amendment Number 2: Regarding recruiting guidelines. It is highly recommended that an applicant be without commitment to any other clan/stable/guild prior to application to Dragon Maw. Dragon Maw does not recruit or elicit members of other organizations nor do we desire conflicts of loyalty with other clans/stables/guilds.

"May Honor Sharpen Your Steel"

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