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What is Dragon Maw?
« on: September 27, 2009, 04:32:46 AM »
What is Dragon Maw?

Dragon Maw is a family orientated gaming guild that was born in 1995. It was created by a young gamer named Gul'dan, in a online game called Multiplayer BattleTech. Many of our current Founder's are some of it's first member's and are still active today. We are one guild that has spanned many games, such as; Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest, Everquest 2, Dark Ages of Camalot, Age of Conan, and GuildWars. Our guild is one based on Loyalty, Intergridy, Respect and Honor. It is these traits we look for and desire in our member's.

All factions of Dragon Maw follow the same general charter and handbook, with the exception of ammendments made for game specific issues. This charter and handbook is governed by our panel of Founder's, and any decisions made by the founder's in response to petitions for change, will be made with all concerns taken into consideration, and their final decision will be absolute.

Each faction is governed by it's own High Council, that consist's of a Guild Leader, Assistant Guild Leader (if the GL desires one), and as many High Council Officer's as felt needed. This High Council is responsible for the day to day operations of the guild in that particular faction, and are there to assist, and help in any way they can. It is their responsibility to help assist all new member's and to train them in the ways of Maw.

Dragon Maw has very few requirements and rules, but we take those we do have very seriously. We strive to be a large group of friends who play in various games, united together by our charter, and our desire to make our time spent online more enjoyable for all. For detailed information on our charter and handbook, you can find a copy of it here on this board.

"May Honor Sharpen Your Steel"