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Dragon Maw Handbook

Dragon Maw Guild

Official Handbook and Guide for Members

Produced by the Founders of  Dragon Maw Guild
2001; revision January, 2012

I. Introduction:

To provide our membership with a set of guidelines and information deemed helpful to our members the Founders have created this document. In it are the general operating standards required of all our members. Information contained here pertains to ALL operating factions of Dragon Maw. Individual Dragon Maw factions may add to their specific faction additional information and guidelines for membership in that faction as well as game specific requirements as deemed necessary by the High Council of that faction.


To help clarify the general charter, chain of command, and roles and responsibilities of the various membership levels in Dragon Maw. Adherence to these guidelines is required of all Dragon Maw members.

The High Council of the faction in which you are a member of can impose additional game related guidelines, policies, and procedures upon their members for their faction.  The High Council of a faction CAN NOT change the Charter or Handbook for Members, only the Founders may change the Charter or Handbook for Members. All Dragon Maw members of all factions will be responsible and accountable for knowledge of guidelines set forth in this document..

Who we are:

Dragon Maw guild was started in 1995 by Gul’dan in MultiPlayerBattleTech (MPBT) on AOL. This game was a futuristic battlemech game with a military style structure. Dragon Maw grew to over 160 members in this game and another 150 battlemech warriors in the Dragon Maw formed alliance of the United Solaris Stables. During this period of Dragon Maw we were lead by a supreme commander. As we moved to a more democratic structure a High Council of members was formed to jointly lead Dragon Maw.

In mid 1997 when AOL initiated a pay for play scheme for our home in MPBT, Gul’dan formed a highly dedicated group of Dragon Maw known as the Founders to search out for a new home and insure the continuance of Dragon Maw in the realm of Internet gaming. This task was accomplished with a migration to MPBT on the Gamestorm server. Dragon Maw had found another home and continued to prosper and grow.

In early 1998 Dragon Maw again had the desire to try another Internet game. The Founders searched and tested many games which were felt suitable for another large migration. Legends of Kesmai (LoK) on the Gamestorm server was deemed appropriate. LoK was a game of magic, evil creatures, and dragons. Many Dragon Maw members had tired of the militaristic MPBT and wanted to try something different. Some still enjoyed the military type games and moved to Air Warrior III (AWIII) while others split their time in MPBT, LOK, and AWIII. Thus began the tradition, “Once a Dragon Maw, always a Dragon Maw.” This meant that once one had earned full membership status in Dragon Maw one could be a Dragon Maw in any game in which there was a Dragon Maw presence. This tradition continues today. Another tradition that was initiated about this time was, “if it is a family member or a long standing real life friend, they are in.”  In other words, it means exactly what it implies.

In late 1998 a new game called EverQuest (EQ) was receiving quite a preview as the next big winner to come. The Founders were able to get one of our own into the beta for this game. The report was this game would be most suitable for another big Dragon Maw (DM) migration. At the commercial start up of EQ, DM was there. DM was the third guild to be officially sanctioned on the Mithaniel Marr (MM) server. By early summer, many in Dragon Maw felt a desire to try the player versus player (PvP) version of EQ; a DM faction was started on the Tallon Zek server.

During the summer of 1999 sadness was felt throughout the Dragon Maw realm. Many in DM were not able to make the migration to EverQuest due to restraints related to computer upgrades required to play EQ and they remained a very cohesive group in LoK. The summer of 1999 was a terrific blow to the DM there. Gamestorm was bought out by Electronic Arts (EA). One of the first things EA did was shut down a most loved game LoK and also began their destruction of the Gamestorm server. Through dedication and diligence members of DM LoK looked and found a new place to call home which was The 4th Coming (T4C). They later moved to the game Dark Ages of Camelot, soon afterward the T4C folks moved to another server and started their own guild.

At the time of this revision’s writing Dragon Maw has one active faction, Star Wars: The Old Republic on the Kaas City server. We also had factions in Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, and Age of Conan. However, these factions are no longer active.

Currently we have a domain website at in which faction message boards, and other informative tools can be reached. The Founders are also always looking for a new game in which we may be able to spread a Dragon Maw faction into. There are many nice looking prospects currently under beta where we have a few DM as beta testers.

Motto: May Honor Sharpen Your Steel

Our Charter contains the core beliefs of our guild.  These beliefs are held quite dear to the heart of all Dragon Maw.  The Charter is the accumulation for all guidelines formed by our Dragon Maw Traditions and Lore learned through the years of Dragon Maw.  All Dragon Maw members are to adhere to the core values as outlined in our Charter of their free will.  Members who do not adhere to the core values will be dealt with according to Section IV of this handbook.  The Charter and Handbook for Members are the basic structure common to all Dragon Maw factions.  The Charter and Handbook for Members can only be changed by a 75% approval vote of all active Founders of Dragon Maw.

Our Charter:

Be it that the bravest and wisest of all adventurers desire to band together for protection and companionship. We do join together and vow all loyalty to one another. All others as the Dragon Maw Guild shall know us. Every Dragon Maw shall strive to serve the guild with courage, honor and loyalty. Every Dragon Maw will take vows of loyalty, to the guild and to the individual members that make up this guild. All Dragon Maw shall support each other, even unto death, against all odds and all opposition.

Believing that each member of the Dragon Maw Guild is as important as the whole, all Dragon Maw will be free to hunt, to prosper and to serve the guild as they see fit. Every Dragon Maw will have a voice in matters of opinion. No Dragon Maw shall be compelled to serve but loyalty will be the bond that compels and inspires greater courage and honor.

To ensure justice and equality the guild shall be governed by a High Council. This council shall be of the highest caliber. The High Council will have great valor, exceeding honor and have loyalty to the Maw such as to put the guild before them. The Council shall establish a code of conduct and all of the guild will be bound to this code. Laws will be issued by the High Council to lead the guild to greater Strength and Glory.

The Dragon Maw Guild of warriors is then, a group of highly individual adventurers who have come together for a common cause. Thus we value the individuality of our members and it is not our purpose to impose upon the individuality of a member, but this is not to stop the High Council from imposing laws that may infringe on one's individuality. However, exceptions can be made with the approval of a faction's High Council. Our goal is to obtain knowledge, power, and glory, while maintaining the highest standard of honor, so that each Dragon Maw may grow strong and bring glory and honor to the guild and themselves. We, the Dragon Maw pledge all loyalty to the guild and to all the individuals that comprise the Dragon Maw guild, and we shall serve with the highest Honor, Integrity, and Respect for not only our members, but to all we meet.


Votes of the Dragon Maw Founders have ratified the following amendments. These amendments are to help clarify, explain, and resolve certain parts of our Charter. Future amendments may be added as deemed necessary by the Founders. Individual factions may add faction amendments to the charter; however, those amendments will apply only to that faction. Amendments of a general nature and applied to all members of Dragon Maw will be added for all factions by the Founders.

Amendment Number 1: To maintain a constant, direct lineage to our original roots as Dragon Maw and adherence to our traditions and lore as started by Gul’dan, the title of Founders shall be bestowed upon those with powers to initiate a Dragon Maw clan/stable/guild in an Internet game. The position of Founder will be held in highest esteem. Honor will be given to those that have demonstrated the highest commitment to Dragon Maw and its traditions and lore. The position will be offered only to those that have been voted to that honor by existing Founders by a 75% or higher margin.

Amendment Number 2: Regarding recruiting guidelines. It is highly recommended that an applicant be without commitment to any other clan/stable/guild prior to application to Dragon Maw. Dragon Maw does not recruit or elicit members of other organizations nor do we desire conflicts of loyalty with other clans/stables/guilds.

II. Chain of Command

A. Founders

B. Faction High Council

C. Faction Guildleader

D. Faction Assistant Guildleader

E. Faction Officer

F. Senior Dragon Maw member

G. Standard Dragon Maw member

H. Probationary Dragon Maw member

III. Roles and Responsibilities

A. Founders: The original Founders were assigned their duties by Gul’dan. Currently the way an individual becomes a Founder is through a nomination by one of the active Founders. There are no requirements for being nominated to the post of Founder, however, contribution, service, and dedication to Dragon Maw shall be the basis in which the vote will be judged. A 75% or higher vote by all active current Founders is required for admission to the Founders. Being a Founder is the highest recognition and honor a Dragon Maw member may attain.

1. A Founder has the authority to perform only three functions.
It is not a command position over any faction or any member of a faction.
2. A Founder is charged with approving and supervising migration of Dragon Maw into other Internet game realms.
3. A Founder with 75% approval vote of the other Founders may make changes and/or add amendments to our Charter and Handbook for Members for ALL Dragon Maw members.
4. A Founder is a resource for High Council members in matters regarding Dragon Maw traditions and lore and their council should be received with diligence and respect.  However, a Founder, as stated above, shall have no power in a faction unless they are elected into a position in that faction.  Once a Founder has stated their advice or opinion, it is up to the High Council to make their decision.  The Founder is not to continue their argument unless it is directly in defense of the Charter and/or Handbook for Members.
5.  A Founder maybe impeached and removed as a Dragon Maw member for a seditious and/or traitorous act with a vote higher than 75% of all active Founders.

B.      Faction High Council member: The requirement for consideration for this position is a Dragon Maw member with a minimum of three months in a Standard or higher position.  A Dragon Maw member can become a High Council member in the following ways: One, they may be assigned the position during the start of a migration to a new game by either the Founders or the Guildleader.  Two, they may be assigned by a Guildleader to fill an empty High Council slot if previously elected to the High Council.  The third and preferred way is to be elected to the position by the membership of Dragon Maw in the faction in which they will serve.

1.      The High Council (HC) is the governing body of the faction in which they serve.  By a HC vote of 75%, or higher, they may add amendments to the charter for their faction, make agreements, accept alliances, negotiate mergers, add faction officers, or impeach a faction Guildleader.
2.      The High Council is the sole governing body which may dismiss senior Dragon Maw members for grievous infractions of Dragon Maw traditions and lore by a vote of 75% or higher.
3.      Provide assistance to the Guildleader with any matter the Guildleader may delegate.
4.      Provide an example for all members of Dragon Maw to emulate regarding honor, integrity, respect, and loyalty.
5.      To settle disputes of Dragon Maw members in their faction with honor, integrity, and compassion.
6.      To settle disputes from outside the guild with honor, integrity, and respect.
7.      A High Council member may dismiss a standard Dragon Maw member for a grievous infraction of Dragon Maw traditions and lore with a 51% or higher vote of the High Council.
8.      A High Council member may dismiss a probationary Dragon Maw after member makes three breaches of Dragon Maw tradition and lore.

C.  Faction Guildleader: The requirements for consideration for this
position are: A past Guildleader in a Dragon Maw faction or High Council member of the faction with at least six months experience in that position.  A Dragon Maw member can become faction Guildleader in two ways.  By appointment of the Founders at the inception of a DM migration to a new Internet game, or 51% or a higher vote of the High Council members of the faction in which they will serve.

1.      The faction Guildleader is the chief executive officer of the faction he was appointed or voted to serve.
2.      The faction Guildleader’s responsibilities he may do himself or delegate are to maintain a current roster of members and all administrative duties of the guild.  The Guildleader is accountable for the administrative duties and adherence to Dragon Maw traditions and lore being completed.
3.      Has all the rights, privileges, and authority of a High Council member.
4.      Is to moderate all High Council meetings and determine any votes.
5.      To initiate agreements, alliances, mergers into Dragon Maw, and settle disputes within the guild and outside the guild.
6.      Provide an example for all members of Dragon Maw to emulate regarding honor, integrity, respect, loyalty, compassion, understanding, and dedication.
7.      May impose temporary martial law in dire emergency situations, however, the Guildleader must submit in writing to the Founders cause for such action and approval from the Founders received prior to such imposition.

C.      Faction Assistant Guildleader: The requirements for this position are: prior High Council member, or current High Council member of the faction in which they will serve.  This level of Dragon Maw member may or may not be used on any faction; the Guildleader will determine if this level of membership will be utilized.  A faction Assistant Guildleader may rise to this position in the following ways: One, assignment by the faction Guildleader or Founders at the start of a migration to a new game realm.  Two, and preferred, assignment by the faction Guildleader, however, the assigned must be a current member of the High Council of the faction they are to serve.  .  Three, by a vote of 51% of the total members in the faction.

1.      An Assistant Guildleader has all the rights and privileges of a High Council member.
2.      Serve as the Chief Counsel for the Guildleader and High Council in the faction in which they will serve.
3.      Provide assistance to the Guildleader with any matter the Guildleader may delegate.
4.      To replace a Guildleader due to absence of extended duration.
5.      Provide an example for all members of Dragon Maw to emulate regarding honor, integrity, respect, loyalty, compassion, dedication, and understanding.
6.      To settle disputes inside the guild.
7.      To settle disputes from outside the guild with the aid of the Guildleader.

E.      Faction officer: The requirement for this position is: must be a standard or high level member with at least 3 months in that position.  This level of Dragon Maw member may or may not be used on any faction; the High Council of the faction will determine if this level of membership will be utilized.  Duties, responsibilities, titles, and authorities will be determined and regulated by the High Council of that faction.

F.      Senior Dragon Maw member: A Senior Dragon Maw member is a member that has participated as a DM member for a period of two years, adherence to Dragon Maw traditions and lore, and a dedication to DM.  In addition to that they must have also served as an assistant to any Officer, High Council member, Assistant Guildleader, or Guildleader for a period of at least three months.  The faction in which they serve as a member can give out additional titles to Senior Dragon Maw members.

G.      Standard Dragon Maw member: An individual that has been accepted in Dragon Maw as a full voting member.  A standard member is responsible and accountable for all information contained in this document, and to be ready to explain the meaning of the various aspects of Dragon Maw as outlined in this handbook.

H.      Probationary Dragon Maw member: A member that has been accepted into Dragon Maw on a probationary status.  This level of Dragon Maw member may or may not be used on any faction; the High Council will decide if this level of membership will be utilized.  A probationary Dragon Maw does not have voting rights within a faction.  The faction in which one has joined decides the length of time one remains on a probationary status.  This concept has its roots from MPBT where a recruit was entered into the Dragon Maw University (DMU) for game training and observance/initiation of Dragon Maw traditions and lore.  The same DMU status was used on LoK where large initiating ceremonies were held to welcome DMU members to full member status after their probationary period.

1.      To learn the ways of a Dragon Maw.
2.      To determine if Dragon Maw is what an individual desires in an on-line gaming guild.
3.      For the guild to determine if the individual fits into the Dragon Maw family.
4.      Is not completely accountable for all aspects of Dragon Maw traditions and lore, however, they must demonstrate increased knowledge of Dragon Maw ways throughout the probationary period before full membership is granted by the High Council of the faction that uses the probationary member level.

iv.      Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Actions  ; for every Dragon Maw Member

Category 1.  .  Banned from faction.

1.      Any traitorous or seditious act that endangers the solvency or integrity of the Dragon Maw guild.
2.      Selling/Buying your game character or your game character's assets, to include weapons, armor, items, spells, etc...etc... on any of the Internet auction forums or selling  to an individual your game character or assets.  (However, an individual who buys an account that is not a DM member may be eligible to join DM through normal channels.  People not in our guild are not subject to our laws until after they are members.)
3.      Repeated acts of behavior unbecoming a Dragon Maw member i.e., consistent/continual anti-social behavior or complaints.  To include the following types of actions, but not limited to, are: disrespect of Dragon Maw officers and members, offensive language, swearing, training with intent, kill stealing, excessive disrespect to others, profiting from abuse of a known game bug…
4.      Allowing a non-Dragon Maw member to play your "tagged" character on any game in which Dragon Maw has a presence, with the exception of a family member or RL friend learning the game while the Dragon Maw member is present at the keyboard

Category 2.  Permitted encouraged actions regarding accounts and assets.

1.  Donation of accounts and/or assests to another Dragon Maw member or faction.
2.  Donation of accounts and/or assets to a close friend outside of Dragon Maw, provided all characters are de-tagged first.

v.      General Information:

Our Principles are simple yet can be difficult to attain.  It is the effort in which this understanding is accomplished that defines our clan/stable/guild.  Our belief in honor, integrity, loyalty and respect is who we are and what we desire of our guildmates.  We will continue to develop our clan/stable/guild’s abilities to defend and fight with honor and integrity.  Our goal is to have fun as we follow the path of Dragon Maw.  We will continue to strive to make each individual feel as a part of our u.n.i.t.


We live in the present, enjoy and reminisce our past, and we plan for the future.  Our lifestyle and routine will not change because of rumors or shadow information taken from broken promises.

"May Honor Sharpen Your Steel"
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